Saturday, 6/26 at 11:00am PST, the NWPC hosted a wonderful symposium on Voting Rights and the Preservation of the American Democracy. 
An excellent panel of women, from all backgrounds were featured, with our Keynote Speaker being Dr. Shirley Weber, CA Secretary of State. Secretary Weber is the first-ever African American to serve as Secretary of State in California history, continuing her lifelong dedication to defending civil rights and protecting our democratic process at this critical time. Dr. Weber spoke on election certification.  
Our Special Guest Speaker was Congresswoman Maxine Waters, 43rd Congressional District. Congresswoman Waters is currently in her 15th term in the House. She is the most senior of the twelve black women currently serving in Congress. As a powerful voice in the fight against voter suppression, Congresswoman Waters was integral in the passage of the HR-1 bill – “For the People Act of 2021”, of which she spoke about in the Symposium. 
“Voting is a fundamental right. It is 100 years since Women won the right to vote. Protecting Women’s voting rights is the crux of American democracy.”